Ephesians 5:33b: And the wife should respect her husband.
Respect is his primary need, his deepest desire.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Intentions Are Good

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

~ ~ ~


Karen said...

Very good...it would be wonderful if people always understood things we said...and took them the way me meant them....

Holly said...

How about:
Here's an Awareness Award for YOU

Thanks for participating!! ((HUGS))

Beth Zimmerman said...

That's a marvelous 6 words! I seldom do this meme because expression usually requires far more than 6 words for me! :)

Did you get an e-mail from me about doing a guest post for my marriage series next month?

Sharon Cohen said...

Thanks Karen - That is a pet peeve of mine also - although I make the same mistake. It was not a problem for me until I married my husband. I wrote about it a few years ago in an article entitled "Why Don't People Just Say What They Mean". http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/283146/why_dont_people_just_say_what_they.html?cat=9

Thank you so much Holly - I am honored - I'm taking a housekeeping day today and will follow up on this award on Tuesday!

Thank you Beth - I struggle with being succinct - so this was a terrific challenge. The other challenge I highly recommend is the creation of two sentence stories. I entered a contest last year and won! Check it out and give it a try. It can be fun to rein in those words! http://www.twosentencestories.com/mathew/ferguson/writer/first-weekly-winner/

Can I get an Amen?