Ephesians 5:33b: And the wife should respect her husband.
Respect is his primary need, his deepest desire.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Created To Be His Helpmeet

I really must take a few moments to share my gratitude for my husband. To be honest, we have been out of sorts as spouses for a few days. There are many things at fault in our discord but the major issue is our health. It is not often that I am ill and he is not, but, as we age I take my turn more frequently. I am a crabby woman when I am sick. I whine and complain more than I should. This places a lot of stress on my husband. When he feels helpless, he whines and complains a lot too.

To reverse these “cruddy” feelings and to soften the words of my mouth, I really must pause and thank God for my husband. I pray to remember all the ways that I am blessed to have my husband. I pray to always remember receiving God’s assurance that my husband was chosen for me. I am not happy when I “forget” that or when I become complacent about that. My husband is a gift from God and I am very grateful.

I am especially grateful to have married a stroke survivor. I have learned much of wisdom, patience, spirituality and faith from my husband because of his triumph over his disabilities. I am grateful for his example because I have a broader perspective of perseverance and patience in trial. Because of my husband, I have begun to comprehend the limitless nature of Father’s assistance and assurance in every needful thing.

I am honored and humbled for the trust and ability that God has placed in me to nurture, support, sustain and help this man He saved from death. I am grateful that my husband is happy to have me as his helpmeet. I am grateful to God for the inspiration I have received that enables me to enrich my husband's life as he has fulfilled mine. It is wonderful that God has attended me each time that my husband has been ill; our relationship has been strengthened through these trials.

I am grateful that my husband is patient with me and that he adores me in spite of my faults and failings. I am grateful that every time my husband prays, God answers and my husband listens. I am blessed immeasurably by a husband who counsels with God so frequently.

I am grateful for my husband’s sense of humor, his whit and his wisdom. I am grateful for his affection and his protection. I am grateful that God provided me a husband who comforts me when I cry, who encourages me when I falter and adores me when my nose is stuffy, my eyes are red and I cough in his face. I am grateful for a husband who attends church even when I cannot; who praises me when I am not there to hear and who remembers me often during his day.

I pray that God will continue to help me recall all the many reasons that I have to be grateful for my husband.

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