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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Model Search

It was a short phrase, a memorable phrase, uttered during the invocation.

“We come in repentance for not modeling marriage among your people.”

I was watching Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally on August 28th.  That phrase pierced my heart and gave me much to ponder these past few days.  I have been unable to identify the cleric who offered the prayer. 

In 2004 I had gone to God in repentance for not modeling my failed marriages according to His word. In 2005, when I married Bruce, I was inspired to do whatever was required to be the wife that God wanted me to be. This blog, my greeting card business and my energies in the past few years were put in motion as a result.  

“We come in repentance for not modeling marriage among your people.”

As I heard those words, booming across the National Mall and transmitting across the nation, I was mesmerized.  How many others had already heard the call to “model marriage” as I had? How many more were being awakened to the call at that precise moment?   I supposed that a revival of gospel-centered marriage had begun and I was being included in the work.  I was stunned, humbled and excited all at the same time.

In recent months, I have discovered a number of people who model marriage among the people.   Nina Roesner, Mark Gungor, Kevin Leman, Emerson Eggerichs, and many bloggers (like me) have made the same commitment whether consciously or not.  The signs of a revival have become apparent in my little corner of the world. 

I recently wrote that I do not stand against something.  I stand for something.  I do not choose to engage in debate with the opposition.  I do not wish to judge others for their choices or condemn them for their actions.  That is not my right.   But I do believe that without modeling and restoring gospel-centered marriage, society will continue to stray, decay and deteriorate.   

Am I alone or are you also answering the call to model marriage according to God’s word?   Are you learning to be the wife that God wants you to be? 

I would like to create an extensive resource page on this site and would be honored to include your suggestions.  Please provide suggestions in the comment section.   I am especially hoping to include links to other bloggers or other articles that teach God's word to the wives in marriage.

This is a model search for Christian Wives.

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Nikole Hahn said...

Great blog! My husband and I joined Winning At Home's Married For Life committment.

It's so true how few marriages are a good model for our future generation. I blame militant feminism. When it became 'about me' marriages began failing.

Marriage is a team effort with Christ at the apex.

Tracey said...

Great idea! I certainly hope to model a Christian marriage, especially for our daughters.

patty said...

your cards are beautiful! do you paint them yourself? photograph? stunning!

thanks for stopping by today~

Denise said...

What a TRUTH! We are the MODEL to the world!! I hopped over from ifellowship:) This is very relevant not only to married women but single ones as well. Great ideas to work on BEFORE marriage!
Happy Wednesday

Deb Chitwood said...

Your blog provides an important message. After 35 wonderful years of marriage, I’m happy to say that love does grow and marriage makes everything better! Happy iFellowship Wednesday!


Penny said...

All I can say is a big fat resounding AMEN!!!!

Lisa♥H said...

Praying that hubby & I model a Christian marriage! Great post Sharon! You are glorifying God as always!! Have a great weekend!

Can I get an Amen?