Ephesians 5:33b: And the wife should respect her husband.
Respect is his primary need, his deepest desire.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your Comments Make A Difference

Your reactions often determine the course of events in my life!  I truly appreciate receiving comments from my readers.  It is my intention to answer every comment.  However, there are times like yesterday when Blogger hiccups and the comment section is not working.

I do have a personal Facebook page and a Facebook Fan page where I also connect with my readers.  Yesterday, I received a comment on Facebook in response to my post, The Reluctant Wives:
"While I like the message of your cards, my husband is not a card person. Whenever I've given him any card, whether a meaningful or a humorous card, he doesn't seem to care. Soon after, he always asks if it's ok if he throws it away or if that would hurt my feelings. I have learned to accept that this is not one of the ways he prefers to receive love. We all have our love languages, and he is not fluent in cards."
I really appreciate her comments.  She motivated two blog posts out of me!  This is the first.  Her comments motivated me to begin a task I had been avoiding for far too long.   My Facebook response to her should explain:
Thanks! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I've been busy today - answering your remark. Not writing an answer - but answering to your need and the possible needs of other wives. 

I have begun (finally) creating a gift line to support the greeting card line at Your Husband's Deepest Desire.

Seem backward to you? Not to me.

The things that we feel for and then "say" to our loved ones are the most precious gifts we have to give. Those are the thoughts and feelings that I try to capture in the respect cards. The tangible gifts that we give are meant to remind the people we love of how we feel for them.   
In time for the Holiday 
Armour (KJV) mousepad
Armour (KJV) Mousepad

Water Falls mug
Water Falls - Mug, Commuter Cups and Steins

Peace and Joy tie
Peace and Joy - Neck Tie

While You Are Away mousepad
While You Are Away - Mousepad

I will be creating more items as the season fast approaches.  I am anxious for feedback on the items I've created so far (see more at my store) and I would be happy to take suggestions.  

I look forward to your response.

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