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Sunday, September 05, 2010

In Case of Emergency

I apologize to anyone who follows me on Facebook for the duplicate posting here in blog form.  I need to take advantage of a few shortcuts as I must make quick work of this post.

I received a call yesterday from the Fire Department.  I was told that my husband had sustained a head injury due to a fall while working at Target and was being taken my ambulance to UC  Davis Medical Center.  I could not comprehend how a fall on a store floor could result in a head injury.  And, just what constituted a "head injury"?  I pictured a lump the size of golf ball somewhere on his skull which reminded me.  For a moment, I imagined the worse.  My husband had a shunt placed in his head after his stroke.  If it moved or became dislodged it could kill him.  In anguish I sighed a desperate prayer.

I thank God for answered prayer and the comfort of the Holy Ghost.  I "knew" that my husband was "fine".  

I phoned a dear friend from church to take me to be with him.  (I no longer drive or own own a car.)   She arrived in moments and I got to the hospital while my husband was still in triage.  When they let me back to see him they had moved him to Unit 3, Bed 36 - our "home" for the next five hours.  

They were trying to remove his shirt and under-shirt when I walked in.  He was being ornery - a good sign. When I reached his bedside, the staff was pulling off his red shirt.  Under that I could see that his under-shirt had also become a deep, deep red.  His cuts were covered with gauze and his head held stationary with a neck brace

I could hear him asking the faces above him as I approached, "Is that my wife?"

His face beamed as I appeared to his view.  

What a welcome sight were those big brown eyes with the sparkle that appears each time he sees me.  It has not faded.  In fact, I sometimes think that it has become stronger and more steady.    

Now, this is where my story deviates from "the norm".  

I knew that in whatever hours lay ahead of us, whatever the prognosis, it was up to me to either make a wonderful memory or a horrible nightmare of our experience.  I chose the former.   

These are my Facebook posts after the experience:

Sharon Cohen is grateful to have her husband home. Bruce took a bad fall at work resulting in two severe lacerations to the head (17 stitches).

Thanks to Lisa Powell for being our angel through all of it - nearly 10 hours devoted to tending our needs! We're all tired - praying for a good night sleep.

Sharon Cohen I hope he lets me take photographs. Under all the caked on blood what they found was ALARMING. One of the cuts could more rightly be described as a "slice" - like a V slice of his scalp that the doctor could peal back and irrigate under before setting it back down and sewing it back into place.  
I later discovered that the "slice" was actually in the shape of a "J".  If  you "read" the top of Bruce's head, as it appears over his left shoulder, it looks like "JI".  I'm still discovering all the words that begin with those letters.  
Sharon Cohen Thanks Lee Ann and Anne. He is resting quietly but he won't be able to wear his CPAP machine. It will be a LONG night.
So many prayers were offered by so many people.  He was able to wear the CPAP machine.  The straps did not cross over the lacerations!  God is SO good.  

Sharon Cohen and Bruce rested well. Your prayers were answered.

I spent a little time getting Bruce settled for the morning.  I cut his hair as close to the scalp so it would not become matted in the stitches and the still oozing blood.  He agreed to stay down and give the blood  a chance to clot.   

I left for church and was greeted, one by one, by church leaders and friends.  Each was eager to hear what had happened.  The concern for my husband was overwhelming.   My heart was so full.
Sharon Cohen I bore testimony in church today and will share a portion of it here. I am very, very grateful for this trial in our lives right now. We both know that God uses injury and illness to grow us quickly, in spurts which net immeasurable spiritual gain. For that reason, above all others, I am grateful.

In answer to prayer, we are very aware that God is personally and intimately mindful of us. He perceives that we are ready, willing and able to withstand another measure of refinement by fire.

I have shared this testimony with Bruce and he declares the same perspective. He actually grinned when I told him that it seems we've grown accustomed to being "smacked upside the head" when God is wanting for us to learn and grow. We know that great blessings come from these tutorials.

He does appreciate the attention, the prayers and the love - more than I can share. His eyes spill over with tears when I tell him of your concern. These things matter - immensely.

In Case of Emergency - give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

~ ~ ~
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Mrs4444 said...

Oh, Dear! It sounds like you've got the right attitude, for sure. I'll keep you both in my prayers. Good luck, and thanks for the info.

Tylaine said...

Wow Sharon,
what an incredible story! I'm so glad your husband is ok. What amazing faith you have.

Lisa♥H said...

Oh Sharon I'm thankful to God that your hubby is ok! What a testimony to His faithfulness, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that surrounded you with comfort & strength! Praise be to God! Praying that your Bruce will be healed quickly!

Penny said...

I'm praising God with you that the love of your life is ok this morning! I'm so sorry you had to walk that road of emergency!!!

Your faith is so strong! You are an inspiration to me and so many others!

Emily said...

Hi Sharon,

What a scare, but glad that everything was ultimately okay. With my husband and I both being sick, we go through similar things, and it has only served to make our marriage stronger.

I know so many people that get divorced when a spouse becomes disabled and am so grateful that our love has always come through for us. We are a team in this battle we call Life.

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