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Monday, January 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs . . . before you find your prince." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A young girl is held over a wading pool filled with rubber frogs. The frogs are numbered on their bellies and each number represents a tantalizing prize for the participant. This girl took a great deal of time to choose and I had plenty of time to take the shot. We were at the Famous Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee in California. It is ironic that this is my favorite photo. Now, just as rats abandon a sinking ship lest they drown, I am anxious to leave California. Winning will insure our return to my beloved Midwest." 

Good Morning!  I feel like I've been running a marathon and can only stop for a moment.  So much is going on in our lives right now.  It is hard to know where to begin.  I surely cannot bore you with all the details in one sitting.

But I have to tell this audience how impressed I am with my husband.  He is not at all anxious to leave California.  He is vehemently opposed to change.  Yet, he trusts in the Lord and is convinced that God is directing our path.

I cannot fathom the amount of faith required to set aside all of my own agenda to adopt that which the Lord requires.  The scriptures are full of stories of such faith but I have never felt as if I could be so trusting.  But, I know that my husband is.  He amazes me.

Sure, I trust that we are doing the right thing but then again I have no qualms about leaving California.  I WANT to go home to the Midwest.  I'll do whatever it takes to get there.

One of those things was to enter a photo contest on Brickfish.  The prize is $1,800 - the amount needed to move our household belongings across country!

That entry has evolved tremendously in the two days since first posting.  I have learned that scoring and ranking is based on the number of votes, shares, reviews and views my entry acquires.  Viewers can vote once every day during the contest.  (I got to vote for my own entry only once so I cannot do this alone!).

I cannot simply expect you to return day after day for thirty days.  I should make this worth your time and effort.  I needed a way to make you want to return.

So, having been awake most of the night writing the story, I will be posting installments of a Fractured Fairy Tale that will take the place of the photo's original description.

There are thirty days remaining in the contest so the story will take 30 days to tell. The story begins this morning!  I hope you enjoy it!

Please view, vote, share and review as you are able.  I will appreciate it so much.

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