Ephesians 5:33b: And the wife should respect her husband.
Respect is his primary need, his deepest desire.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Man of My Dreams

When we left off with our story yesterday the cranky princess was giving up for the day.  She had spent hours in the sun, considering a pool of frogs from which she was expected to choose one to kiss.  (Thus transforming the slimy frog into a perfect prince that she would marry and with whom she would live happily ever after).  The story picks up today:
As the Princess drifted off to sleep she remembered her childhood fantasies of a dream wedding.

She would enter the cathedral to the melody of a harp and flute. She would walk down the aisle in a gown of white organza with beading on the long train. Through her veil she could see her gallant knight waiting at the altar, dressed in the finest robes of blue to match his eyes, trimmed in gold to match his hair. He would smile as she came near.

Suddenly, Penelope woke and wiped the tears streaming down her face. The smile of the fine prince had become the grin of every frog that she had considered that day.

Which frog had she chosen to be the prince of her dreams in her dream?  
(to be continued)
As I was writing this segment (chapter, if you will) my mind reviewed the past.

I had dreamed as so many little girls do - of fairy tale princess gowns, magnificent castle, the hunkly-handsome man, our vast kingdom trimmed with white picket fencing and everything set to a birdsong soundtrack.  Never, ever, ever was the dastardly dragon of reality allowed to impose itself in my dreams.

Just like the princess in my story, how incredibly misguided I had been as a young woman.  I chose my boyfriends and my husbands by "leaning on my own understanding".  My understanding was completely out of whack and my choices proved to be disastrous.

Life is not a fairy tale and like Humpty Dumpty, I had a great fall.  My life shattered into oh-so-many little pieces.

BUT this is where the story veered off its course.  All the King's horses and all the King's men, really did put me together again.

I relied on my God and King for the first time in my life and the results have been remarkable.  The frog that he sent me to kiss with respect and nurture with love - truly is a prince with kingly attributes and a royal future.  He truly is the man of my dreams.

Consider, as you think of frogs and princesses, princes and kings - could "the kiss" be metaphor for respect?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your beautiful opening and the lil' reality check. :) There is so much to consider when finding our prince...especially when he really is disguised as a green frog. Looking forward to more from you Sharon! luv, katrina

Candace said...

I can't wait to go back and read the other part of this. I remember all those dreams of the big wedding and perfect everything too. I guess this reality is a different kind of perfect. Haha! -Candace (The Incredible Hult--grens) Post of the week list.

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