Ephesians 5:33b: And the wife should respect her husband.
Respect is his primary need, his deepest desire.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Things Are Tight

I got out and about a bit today. This is the first time that I've returned to . . . my office . . . where I worked before I got laid off. It was like a morgue in that building. The street was quiet, the hallways empty, and only one co-worker at his desk. The bustling and the buzzing had gone silently still and the air was thick with emptiness.

When I walked away and waited for the light rail afterwards I looked around at the usually bustling platform. Where once there were state workers waiting to hustle home the seats were taken by people returning from the Department of Health Services; their hands clutching the manilla envelopes concealing forms that would either lead to assistance or send them into the streets to live among the hundreds of faceless bodies already overflowing homeless camps.

Things are tight, the economy is unstable and our futures are uncertain. It is enough to cause intolerable stress; the kind that will break a marriage to pieces. As a wife, I find myself reaching for my husband's hand more often or laying my head against his chest to hear the sure sound of his heart beat. He is a stabling influence for me.

I should let him know that

"I know that things are tight right now.  
It gives me peace to know, my husband, 
that you will get us through this."  
Word to the Wives ~ ~ God gave your husband the desire to protect and provide. Encourage him as he continues to press forward.


Deila said...

good thoughts, we are in the same boat right now. we moved to the sacramento area for my husband's work and then they gave him the boot--we think it was due to the prop 8 thing. we live in el dorado hills now, using up our savings until the next job. thanks for the upbeat message. keep the faith.

Sharon Cohen said...

Thanks Deila -

My new readers are surprised to realize that my husband is permanently disabled from a massive stroke. One week before I was laid off, his hours were increased from 3 hours per week (yes, per week) up to 40 hours per week. The hours are temporary and will be ending soon. We know that we will remain in the care and keeping of a Father in Heaven who knows exactly what we need and how to give it to us in a way that will cause the greatest progression.

We will never forget how wondrous a miracle it has been for my husband to work full time for the first time since his stroke 15 years ago. (Not to mention, in the nick of time!)

We would be hard pressed to deny the faith at this time!

Debra Joy said...

Times are tough. I can't even remember a time anymore when there wasn't many people I know out of work. I know the Lord will help you.

Alyssa said...

My husband and I are experiencing the "TIGHTNESS" too and I appreciate your sharing your life, it helps me feel like I'm not the only one going through it.
Thank goodness for God, faith, prayer, and inspiration.

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