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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?

I shared a Christmas message on my other blogs and hope you don't mind me posting it here as well. I believe the message bears repeating.

I heard the retelling of a significant story while I was at a meeting last night. I will try to do it justice here.

The woman tells a story of a wonderful family event that occurred this past year. Her father turned 80 years old and the family gathered to celebrate.

My grandfather was also honored in similar fashion many years ago. I was unable to attend, being so many miles away. But I was included in the planning and outpouring of love.

It is wonderful to honor the life and contribution of people we love late in their lives.  But I digress.  Let's return to the story being told at the meeting last night.

The teller of the tale then asked the audience to imagine the preparations for her Grandfather's birthday.  It was shaping up to be quite a celebration.

She spoke of the preparations and the planning, the assignments and the purchasing, the scrubbing, the cleaning and the polishing.  The flurry and the frenzy of frantic activity continued for weeks.

And then, the big day came.  All was ready.  The decorations were spectacular.  Incredible smells from an elaborate feast wafted from the kitchen.

The guests poured through the doors and the gifts piled higher and higher at the front of the room.  What an incredible celebration!

But then, the teller of the tale added a twist.  She paused, looking slowly around the faces in the room and asked . . .

What if the guests began to pass the gifts around amongst themselves?

What if they brought presents for everyone except Grandfather?

And, what if Grandfather wasn't even in the room?

What if no one remembered to invite him?

What if everyone had lost sight of him?  

Christmas commemorates Christ's birth. 
Has He received His invitation to your celebration?

Have you decided on your gift for Him?


Tylaine said...

Beautiful Post Sharon and a great reminder to keep the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts.

Lisa♥H said...

Great reminder Sharon as who we really celebrate at this time of year! We started a tradition this year of the Jesse Tree. Each day we have a memory verse, a devotion, a prayer, and there are hymns they recommend for each day. It's a wonderful way for us to keep focused on Christ!

Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

I agree that this is a good reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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