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Saturday, December 05, 2009

I Love a Man Who Cries

Even the greatest of all men, Jesus, wept.

When the tears are honest and heartfelt, I see crying as a strength in men. To hide from all emotion for the sake of controlling a frightening few is weakness.

Some emotions are frightening; emotions capable of causing individuals to lose control of their actions. Outbursts of violence and rage come from dangerous emotions that cannot be controlled. Hiding from such emotions is appropriate. But it is weakness to choose to avoid the experience of all emotions for the sake of control over the few.

It takes strength to control the bad and to fully experience the good. A complete man is one who can experience positive emotions (such as compassion, loss or love) to the fullest, sometimes to the point of tears.


Is crying a sign of weakness in men?

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Marty Duane said...

Yes, society has deemed it that way. It's sad, because I desperately hold back a wave of emotion and wish I could just let it out.

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